Bujinkan Milestones

The Bujinkan Martial systems traditionally contains three belt levels (white, green/red, black). 

When a new student begins their training, they start at "Mukyu" (without grade) and wears a white belt. As they progress through their training, their ranking progresses through the Kyu (green belt) levels from "Kukyu" (9-kyu) down to the highest Kyu ranking of "Ichikyu" (1-Kyu).

There are 15 dan (black belt) grades in the Bujinkan systems. To attain a "Godan" (5-dan), a student is expected to perform a successful test in Japan.

The "Wappan" patch also changes as the student progresses through their Kyu-Dan levels as displayed in the image.

All Bujinkan Mimizuku Dojo Students are required to retain a yearly Honbu Membership to progress and receive promotions.

The hanko/seal on the front belongs to Hatsumi Sensei

The hanko/seal on the back is the mark representing Bujinkan Mimizuku Dojo.